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Tuesday, September 21


 In general, people are pretty mundane and close-minded. This is a rather sad thing, because people with open minds are much more fun to talk to; people who will listen to anything and believe what they believe because they have a reason, not just because they've been told to think that way. Many people would like to claim they are open-minded, but unfortuanetly very few are. So I challenge you now to open up your mind. Take everything you believe and ask yourself why you believe it. If you only believe it because somebody told you it was right, consider researching it a little further and be ready to accept that it may not be the "correct" answer. Now things like "don't play with matches" and "1+1 = 2" don't count. I'm talking about the big things; the big ones like "is stem cell research wrong?" and "Evolution vs. Christianity". These are things you need to figure out why you believe. So get ready. I am going to update this blog about once a week as it suits my schedule. I encourage discussions. Bash my beliefs if you want, but at least give a good reason for why I'm wrong and you're right.

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