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Wednesday, November 17


                According to a popular belief, we are nearing the end of the world. On December 21, 2012 the Mayan Long calendar will come full cycle and reach the point it started at again. So do we really have anything to worry about?
                The Long Count calendar was a calendar system unique to the Mayans. It covered a 5125 year cycle, starting on August 23, 3114 BC. The calendar was used to mark and record political events. Politics were mostly just for show in the Mayan culture. Everything was predetermined by the Gods. Every sacrifice represented a sacrifice the Gods had made, and in some cases the winners of battles between states was even predetermined. The day of August 23, 3114 BC seems to have no real significance, except perhaps as the day the Mayans believed the world began. The Long Count calendar has accurately predicted Eclipses, Equinoxes, and other such phenomenon even to this day. However, this should be a “no duh”. Things like this happen in a cycle. If you know the amount of time between two, then you know the amount of time between all of them.
                The day of December 21, 2012 is not only the day the Mayan calendar ends, it is also a day in which the sun holds still for a second, as it is solstice day. The sun will form a perfect alignment with the center of the galaxy at this moment. Once again however, this should not really be a surprise. Of course the calendar will end on a day of major alignment! The calendar was based around such thing, so it can be expected that it will start and end with such.
                Supposedly the Mayans also predicted catastrophic events such as 9/11 and large earthquakes. This is bunk. The Mayan calendar only predicted astrological events. People have made up these predictions to get people stirred up about the end of the world. These predictions are also not made anywhere else. That is, unless you want to interpret a scratchy drawing of a bird hitting a tree as an airplane smashing into a smoke-shrouded tower.
                One argument skeptics make is that the Mayans probably just ran out of room on their circular rock and had to end it. This is a bad argument. In fact, it is a very bad argument. The Mayans did not carve their calendars on circular rocks. People are confusing the Mayans with the Aztecs. The Mayans marked their calendars on temples, with stairs marking days and other complex such things.
                The final question now is, why did the Mayan’s disappear? Were they not aliens? No. They were not aliens. As a matter of fact they didn’t go anywhere. Mayans are still alive and well. They fled their last city, Tayasah, and left the Elite to deal with the Spaniards themselves.
                So basically, the rundown is, 2012 is nothing special. More than likely nothing at all will happen, as nothing special is really going on.
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