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Wednesday, November 3

The Beast of Bray Road That video right there will give you a nice basic idea of what this creature is. This is quite possibly my favorite cryptozoological creature ever.  The sighting that gave the beast its name was on Halloween night of 1999 (I wouldn’t ignore the fact that it takes place on Halloween. Quite the indication that it could possibly be a prank.). A young woman was driving on Bray Road in Michigan when she thought she felt her front tire go up on a bump. Thinking she’d hit something she got out of her car to look. She found nothing on the roadway. Then, peering into the darkness next to the road, she saw a huge form running towards her. She quickly got into her car. The thing jumped onto the trunk of her car, but could not hold on and fell onto the pavement as she drove off. Later that same night she saw the beast again on the side of the road as she was taking a young girl trick-or-treating. She quickly sped off after commanding the girl to lock her door. Of course, after these sightings, many more people came forward claiming to have seen the same thing, some dating back ten years. After further analysis people have found reports dating all the way back to 1936. This story bears uncanny resemblance to the Michigan Dogman, whom I will discuss in a future post. Maybe the same beast? Michigan and Wisconsin are close enough together.
The Beast of Bray Road has been seen in Walworth, Jefferson, and Racine counties. Nobody has ever observed it doing anything “paranormal” or “unworldly”, ruling out Alien or ghost. In fact, the beast seems to be governed by the normal laws of natural. There is no hovering capabilities, no teleportation, no immense jumps. Is this creature just a type of animal that people have never encountered before? Is it actually a werewolf as people have described it? Or can it be written off as just a bear or wolf?
Earlier the same year of the previously described sighting, a 24 year old bar manager (Is it just me or do people who see creatures always seem to be either bar tenders or bar managers?) claims to have seen a  creature kneeling on the side of the road, eating roadkill with its palms upward. She stated in an interview that the creature “appeared to be so human-like it was scary”. She  had no idea what it could have been until she saw an illustration of a werewolf in a book in a public library (talk about back-woodsy. Who hasn’t heard of a werewolf?). She said it was so similar that her “eyes popped out of her head.”…Really? This lady sounds like she’s dying for attention.
Just the summer before, a large number of animal carcasses were found dumped in a ditch by nearby Willow Road. A humane officer claims they appeared to have been used in cult rituals, though the local police dismissed the idea. According to the humane officer, some of the animals had ropes tied around their back legs and their throat slit. Many of the animals matched descriptions of pets that had gone missing in the area. Rumors spread about imposter humane officers coaxing stray dogs, including one report in which a ten year old boy was supposedly intimidated by a man in a black uniform in an attempt to obtain his black Labrador. Around the same time there were reports of cult graffiti being found in an abandoned house. This house was only a quarter-mile off of Bray Road. Perhaps tying the cult along with the beast?
A sighting in 1989 from Elkhorn had a dairy farmer seeing an “odd-looking dog” in his field. Another man reported a similar sighting, though his report also involved the creature standing for a second on all fours.
The reports have mostly died down, though there is still a small trickle of sightings coming through. What is/was this creature? Some have said that is could just be a Bigfoot. I’m not so sure about that, but whatever floats your boat I guess.
The most recent report I can find is from March 9, 2006 in Rock County (nearby). A  22 year old history major claims to have seen a six-foot tall shaggy brown creature with “meaty legs” walking upright across Hwy 59. She said it may have been Bigfoot, or the Bray Road Beast. Glad to see a witness who was well-educated in matters of cryptozoology.
There are so many sightings it’s crazy. And if you tie in the Michigan Dogman (who, again, we will discuss later, but for this purpose you just need to know that it is a remarkably similar creature) I would confidently say that sightings go up past the couple-hundred mark.
My only conclusion is that either people in the area are all remarkably stupid/blind and there is a rogue bear on the loose (which I HIGHLY doubt is the case), or there really is something weird out there.

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  1. I find it interesting that the lady has been looking for it for 17 years. It seems as thought she could find it in that amount of time if it existed.