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Saturday, November 20


                There is a bridge in Fairfax County, Virginia that is said to be haunted by a rather peculiar ghost: the Bunnyman.
                Over the years there have been around a hundred reported incidents of the Bunnyman, three of which involve murders. Like most urban legends, there are plenty of different versions, but they all have one major thing in common: an asylum escapee wearing a bunny costume and wielding an axe.
                The most popular story says that a bus full of asylum inmates was being driving from Fairfax Insane Asylum to Lorton Prison when it overturned on the bridge. All the inmates were found, except for one. Soon rabbit carcasses began showing up in the area. In some versions the police shoot the inmate, in other versions he is never caught, and in still others the Bunnyman himself is found hanging from a bridge. In yet another version, two men escape the bus and are never found. Then later the body of one is found gutting and hanging from the bridge, sometimes wearing a bunny suit, sometimes not. There is a few problems with this story, most notably the fact that there has never been an Insane Asylum in Fairfax. Also, during transport of dangerous inmates handcuffs, ropes, muzzles, straight jackets, and whatever else was needed would most likely be employed.
                Most modern sighting of Bunnyman involve him yelling things like “Get off my property!” and “I got your tag number!” and “Get me a carrot!”…well, maybe not the carrot… But for the most part the modern Bunnymen sound like copycats, though they do occasionally throw a hatchet through a car window.
                My conclusion is that Bunny man is just an Urban Legend, which is rather disappointing as it is a unique and interesting one.
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