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Saturday, November 27

Road Trolls

                Some of the most popular fairytales involve creatures called “trolls”. We were always told that they don’t exist, but some people argue otherwise.
                Most sightings of “Road Trolls” are by truckers. This shouldn’t be surprising though, they are on the road more than anybody else. Road Trolls are typically described as 6 foot tall hairy men. This sounds like almost any homeless hitchhiker you might run into. But another consistency is the peg-leg. Almost every sighting claims that the troll/man has a peg leg, despite everyone seeing them in different places completely. A fellow blogger made a post about these things and I think you should read it:
                Maybe it’s all the same guy. One of those adventurous types who like to hitchhike everywhere. But I’m not convinced it’s a troll.
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