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Saturday, November 13

Slender Man

                Here is the Wikipedia page before it was taken down on this Legend: . Why was it taken down? Well, there’s actually a perfectly logical reason: The Slender Man is not real. In fact, it’s not even debated to be real. Slender Man was made up on the internet, specifically the “something Awful” forums in 2009. It spread like a wildfire; people were posting images (most photoshopped) and videos of the alleged Slender Man all over the internet.
                Slender Man varies in appearance, but for the most part he is described as a male figure between seven and nine feet tall. Sometimes he also has extra appendages. Some people will say adamantly that Slender Man is not a myth, that he is 100% real. There are two possible explanations: these people have been caught up in the legend, or the Slender Man story was so good it gave rise to a demon from hell…yeah…I’m gonna go with the former.
                With every image of Slender Man there is a story to go with it. Most of these stories involve a large number of children disappearing soon afterwards, and in many cases the “photographer is presumed dead”. Some have even given the creature Ancient origins. People have pointed to alleged cave paintings, and historical texts that mention this tall, skinny man who lures people, mainly children, to their deaths.
                It’s actually kind of sad this story is made up, it has great potential. In a few years though, if it continues at this rate, people will not even remember it was fake.

                P.S. Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to point out: He hates it when you hear too much about him. So watch your back.

***Some Images Were Removed From This Page To Avoid Potential Lawsuits and/or Shutdowns. My apologies***

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    ...I SOOO wish this said win.

  2. Um...thank you for the "Win" Whale...I think.

  3. what i see
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  4. What makes you think the legends are fake? It was not created by victor surge and he just stole it so I think it is real.

  5. The reason I think it's fakeis because the forum on which it was posted was one where people were posting was one where people posted images they made and made up stories for them. []
    The funniest thing is, the post right below him says: "You just know a couple of the good ones are going to eventually make it to paranormal websites and be used as genuine." -slidebite. Which is exactly what happened.