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Saturday, January 8

Flat Earth?

          Right off the bat you are all thinking I'm crazy for even talking about this. Christopher Columbus already proved the earth was round, right? Well, according to some people the answer is NO.
          First off let me say that to believe any of this theory you must believe every Apollo mission and satellite image has been hoaxed by NASA. Some people do believe this, I'm not one of them. In the Summer of 1838 a man by the name of Samuel Rowbotham waded out into a straight, six mile stretch of the Old Bedford River. With a telescope he watched a boat sail down the river. According to Rowbotham, he was able to watch the boat for the entire six miles, despite the fact that it should have fallen about ten feet below his line of vision had the earth been spherical. This experiment has been repeated many times, and the results never seem to stay conclusive. Sometimes the boat disappears, sometimes it doesn't. In 1904 Lady Elizabeth Anne Blount did a similar experiment with a white sheet and a camera. From six miles away, the camera was able to photograph the white sheet. Sounds like some good evidence right? Well, honestly I can't write it off. But I don't call these things an "experiment" as they don;'t exactly follow the scientific method.

           A notable Flat-Earthian was William Carpenter, who wrote Theoretical Astronomy Examined and Exposed - Proving the Earth not a Globe. Sounds like a real page-turner...and it comes in eight parts. Whoop-dee-doo. One of his arguments is:

"There are rivers that flow for hundreds of miles towards the level of the sea without falling more than a few feet — notably, the Nile, which, in a thousand miles, falls but a foot. A level expanse of this extent is quite incompatible with the idea of the Earth's convexity. It is, therefore, a reasonable proof that Earth is not a globe."
          O.o Really? Because the rivers can flow for miles without falling much, this is proof the earth is flat? Honestly what kind of nutcase is this guy? First of all, if you put a ball on even the slightest slope, if the surface is smooth the ball will roll. Slopes don't need to be that much and the Nile is not exactly a fast moving river. Second of all, how does this even prove the Earth is flat? Doesn't this actually prove the earth is round? Think about it, if it's on a flat surface and it moves either A. Your surface is not flat or B. It's alive. Maybe I don't understand this, I don't know.

          Your homework for today is to go here and read some of these people's posts and arguments. They're good for a laugh if nothing else. This project features flawed math, rejection of evidence, failed science, tossing of the scientific method, ignorance of history, and frequent denial. If somebody can give me some real evidence I'll listen, but until then I think this theory should be squished flatter than...well, flatter than a Flat Earth.

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