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Saturday, January 22

Paul Is Dead

                This theory has been going on for more than 40 years now. It states that Paul McCartney of the Beatles was killed, most version say in a car crash, and replaced by an imposter. This sound farfetched, but many are very adamant about the proof being in the pudding. They say that the Beatles have left clues through many albums and that there is physical evidence to top it off. We’ll be looking at some of this “proof” today and making our own conclusions.

Facial Comparison
                This site here: did some interesting comparisons of McCartney’s faces. Here is pre-conspiracy McCartneys compared to each other.

                At first I was impressed. This seems like good evidence. The two look nothing alike. Then I made one of two old pictures of me. Now I am far less impressed. I really don’t even look like the same person. A very slight angle change and change in expression makes that much of a difference.

                According to the same site (has some very good theories on it, so I suggest you look at it in its entirety) Paul’s height significantly changed. I just don’t see the change as significant enough to say that it’s conclusive of anything.

Eye Color
                Same reference site again. As the site says, Paul McCartney had hazel eyes. However, the later Paul (“Faul”, as many people call him) seems to have green, gray, or brown eyes. As a guy with dark hazel eyes myself I can say that in some conditions my eyes can look brown, green and once or twice I’ve seen them look gray. Therefore I can’t give anything to this evidence.
                That’s the last of what I’ll show from that site however, as the rest I just can’t even begin to agree with. The writer mentions plastic surgery and goes on to show how that could be true. The author is very good, but I don’t agree with the evidence.

Album Covers
                People have theories for almost every single Beatle’s album cover. I’m just going to cover the interesting ones. I’ll put the link I got most of this part from in the references, so check it out for some more.
                Help!: The album cover for “Help!” shows the Beatle’s attempting to spell something out. It looks to me like it says “TYKS” to me. But some conspiracy theorists say they are spelling out “NUJV”, which stands for “New Unknown James Vocalist” (James being Paul’s real first name). This theory sucks. I don’t even see the letters “NUJV”, and even if I did why would they stand for something uncreative like that?
                Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: This is my personal favorite album by the Beatles and also the one with the most rumors. First off, people say it looks like a grave site, which I admit it does, but that’s nothing really. Secondly, people say the yellow flowers spell out the word “Paul?”. I just don’t see it. There’s way to many theories involving this album for me to cover them all, but they are all so ridiculous. I recommend you go to the link in references and look for yourself.
                Let It Be: On the cover of this album, Paul is the only one shown with a Red Background. Also he is the only one not looking off to the left side of the album. Of course this is “conclusive evidence”! Great clue that is…
                Original Yesterday and Today cover: On the original cover of Yesterday and Today there are only two decapitated dolls in the photo, both of which are pointing towards Paul. Also, a burnt doll head is held up next to Paul’s, perhaps a reference to how his dead body looked after his car crash?

Back Masking:
                When it comes to back masking, I am very hard to convince. If you reverse something, you can pretty much hear whatever you want. In the references there is a link with many “Beatle’s Backmasking” samples. Listen to ‘em, formulate your own conclusions. I’ve made mine.

Final Word:
                Obviously I didn’t cover everything, if you have something else discuss it in the comments or become a fan on Facebook and we can discuss it there. I personally feel this theory needs to die. Paul is still Paul. He isn’t dead and he never was.

***Some Images Were Removed From This Page To Avoid Potential Lawsuits and/or Shutdowns. My apologies***


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