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Saturday, March 19

Daylight Savings What?

          We all recently set out clocks forward an hour (at least I hope we all remembered to...). But what's the point of this anyways? I mean, it isn't literally increasing the amount of daylight. Well from what I have gathered, daylight savings comes from the mind of Benjamin Franklin, who thought there should be more productive hours in a this whole thing is meant to make us WORK MORE? Awh man.
          That's right, old Franky wanted us to be productive citizens. Most people like daylight savings time though. it allows us to do more daytime activities in a day. But what about those of us who like nighttime activities? I mean, don't the days get longer in the Summer anyways? Why can't that be enough. I really am not seeing the point of moving our clocks back and forth.
          Apparently, daylight savings time really came into play during WW2. The reason being that staying up so long after dark was depleting natural resources creating artificial light. So in 1915 Germany started enforcing a daylight savings time along with a curfew to encourage people to go to bed and wake up earlier. England and the US soon followed. So why do we do this? Beats me. But it does cause a week or so of amusement as we get to poke fun at those who forgot to adjust their clocks.
          I know this article wasn't about a conspiracy, but hey? Who really cares? I think daylight savings time is pointless, but I'm sure not going to ignore it. Else I'll be the idiot who forgot to change his clock.

Does anybody have any good Daylight Savings stories?


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