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Tuesday, September 21

Structures of the Past

                There are some huge mysteries surrounding many structures, both of the past and of the present. Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, Coral Castle, the list goes on. I could easily make a post about every single one of these, and I may do so at some point. But for now I will address those three in general.  

                Stonehenge was believed to have been erected in 2500 BC, but these dates can never be entirely verified. Stonehenge is one of many sites in the area: Bluehenge, Stonehenge Cursus, and Woodhenge to name a few.  Stonehenge gets a lot of the hype though because of the “amazing condition it is still in today”. That’s what they want you to think of course. They leave out the fact that in the early 1900’s Stonehenge was restored to what artists/architects assumed it originally looked like. Still, it is a bit of a mystery as to how the original was built. If I had to guess, I’d say the explanation is as simple as a primitive Block and Tackle method. As for moving the stones to their place, my guess would be the rather tedious method of rolling them on logs.
                The Great Pyramids remain some of the most curious pieces of history to date. One of the craziest facts you hear thrown out is that two times one side of the pyramid divided by the height comes out to equal pie. This sounds cool, but does it really mean anything? The best supported idea involving the building of the pyramids revolves around the stones being measured out using a wheel (a stone was cut and then the wheel was rolled in a straight line and then when it had made a full circle the next stone was cut at that point. This kept all the stones the same size.). When you use something round in measurements you should probably expect pi to show up a few times in the end result. I believe this one is another case of the simple being blown up to extreme proportions. I do think it is odd that they managed to build them to such a great height though, so I cannot say I really have a definite theory on this one. What are yours?
                Coral Castle. Probably only a small percentage of you have heard of this one. This one is located in Florida. It was constructed by one man: Edward Leedskalnin, in the 1900’s. He spent 28 years building it, refusing to allow anyone to see what he was doing. Eventually he opened it to the public, and continued to work on it until he died in 1951. The stones are fastened together with no mortar, and yet fit together so perfectly that no light passes through the joints. The biggest stone in itself weighs 30 short tons. The tallest structure is 25 feet tall. It is composed of a swinging gate, walls, furniture, a barbecue, and many other various things. Only one man assembled it, and he allowed no one to watch. Some images have been shown with him using typical block and tackle methods, though the tripods only seem to rise to 20 feet and don’t appear strong enough to support 30 tons. Some teenagers who watched the construction secretly said that he “made the blocks float like hydrogen balloons”. Though this story seems the easiest to discount, to me it is the most interesting because it implies that Leedskalnin had some sort of technology we don’t. Perhaps using diamagnetism?
                Diamagnetism is the property of an object that makes it create a magnetic field in opposition to an external magnetic force. Theoretically, anything can be made to float using this method (metals are an exception to diamagnetism. However, you can normally PULL metals using magnets.). Problem is that diamagnetism is so weak it typically requires superconductors to make it work. Here is a frog being levitated in a magnetic field of around 16 teslas: . This kind of thing could lead to levitation in the future...maybe...
Could this have been the way some of these structures were built? Did someone else harness this power first? We can’t ever really know, as it all happened in the past and in all cases the creators are dead. I believe that for the most part though, these structures can be explained using simple methods and do not require the excessive hype-up.

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  1. In the places I said "pie" I intended to say "pi". I only noticed one instance of it, but it may have happened multiple times. In my defense, I was hungry at the time.

  2. About Coral Castle I think that the Diamagnetism could be very possible, but it doesn't seem right. Why wouldn't the teenagers not have freaked out at the fact that he was levitating rocks to make a castle, witch no one knew about. Seems weird...

  3. It does seem odd. A lot of things about Coral Castle don't add up. That's what makes it so interesting to me. Maybe the teenagers did freak out. I couldn't find the context of their story anywhere.