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Wednesday, December 15


                Perhaps the world’s most well known cryptid is Bigfoot.  There are many “sasquatch” legends out there, but Bigfoot is the original (If you don’t count indigenous legends). Stories of these sasquatches exist on every continent except Antarctica, Bigfoot being the North American version.
                Stories of Bigfoot-like creatures predate most history, so we can’t really say where it begins. However, it is known when it really blew into popularity: 1967 with the Patterson-Gimlin film.  There were plenty of sightings before then, but this was the big one. The “unexplainable”. I personally believe this footage is a load of BS. Probably the most compelling argument against it I’ve seen yet (Besides looking at it yourself and thinking logically) is here:  Basically I feel very strongly about the Patterson footage being a hoax. That is that.
                One of the most interesting, and also newest, sightings of Bigfoot was on a trail camera in Northwest Pennsylvania. Known as the Jacob’s photos, these images seem to show an ape-like creature sniffing at the deer feed left out next to the tree. Many have said the picture shows a bear suffering from mange.  Personally, I think it’s an ape. I did find one series of images that gave the bear theory a little bit of push in my mind, but not enough. The head, limb, and even arch of the back seem to show an ape. What would an ape be doing in Northwest Pennsylvania? I have no clue, but it seems really small for a Bigfoot, so the most I can say is that it definitely seems to be a non-human primate.
                In 1997 a footprint was found in the Elkins Creek floodplain of Georgia. The impression revealed something rarely found in Bigfoot prints: dermal ridges. Dermal ridges are the prints on your toes. Upon inspection, it was concluded that the ridges resembled a non-human primate. It was also concluded that it did not belong to any known primate. Especially compelling about this is that nearly identical ridges were found on two footprints found many years before.
                In 1975 the Army Corps of Engineers published an environmental atlas. The atlas recognized the Sasquatch as a species indigenous to Washington. It justifies its claim on supposed hair-samples taken by the FBI that represent an unknown creature. If that doesn’t sound like evidence I don’t know what does.
                My conclusion is that something is out there. And that the “something” could very well be a human-like creature. I believe that much of the evidence is faked or misinterpreted. But I also believe that there is too much for it all to be so. What do you think?

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