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Wednesday, December 29

The Grinning Man

                The creature (or man) known as “The Grinning Man” is commonly sighted in areas where “alien activity” takes place. In the town of Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1966 a large white light was witnessed by residents. Soon afterwards a middle aged resident claimed to have been chased by a green man. Then on Oct 11 the Grinning Man legend was born . Two boys walking by the elevated intersection of New jersey Turnpike spotted a man on the opposite side of the fence.
            "Jimmy nudged me," Marvin Munoz reported to police, "and said, 'Who's that guy standing behind you?' I looked around and there he was... behind that fence. Just standing there. He pivoted around and looked right at us... then he grinned a big old grin."
                                                                        -(Pulled from Wikipedia article)
                When asked about his appearance separately, they both recounted the exact same description: a very tall man wearing a shimmering green costume with no distinguishable facial features other than a large green and wide-set, beady eyes.
                Later that same year in Point Pleasant, Virginia, sightings of a similar man were reported. For any die-hard cryptics out there, you know this is the same time and place as the Mothman sightings. We won’t cover the Mothman in this article, but if you are unfamiliar you just need to know he was a large humanoid with glowing red eyes who could fly. He was seen time after time in the same exact area (near an abandoned dynamite factory). Well, at the same time as Mothman was being seen, the Grinning Man showed up, leading some to believe he is some sort of clean-up man who comes along and cleans up after the aliens. Much like one of the Men in Black (also believed by some to be real). I’m going to rip this first encounter straight of off wiki:
…[O]n November 2, 1966. A man named Woodrow Derenberger was driving home in his panel truck after a hard day of work. As he drove up a hill outside of Parkersburg on Interstate 77, he heard a sudden crash. A vehicle was speeding behind him, and it suddenly cut in front of him and slowed down. Derenberger looked in amazement as the vehicle that passed him looked like "an old fashioned kerosene lamp chimney, flaring at both ends, narrowing down to a small neck and then enlarging in a great bulge in the center." The "thing" blocked the road, and a door slid open on the side of it. Then a man stepped out, described as around 6 feet tall, with long dark hair combed straight back. His skin was heavily tanned. He wore an outfit that was made out of some sort of "glistening green material," similar to the outfit worn by the other Grinning Man that was encountered in Elizabeth, New Jersey by the two boys. He was grinning broadly. Derenberger said that the figure spoke to him telepathically and said his name was "Cold" and went off asking him strange questions. Then the strange entity said that he would visit Derenberger again, and he got back in the craft and left.

                Soon after that a family, who had been seeing strange lights every night around their house, also had a scary encounter. They claimed that every night their locked living room door would be found open the next morning. During the night cabinets would slam shut and odd noises would come from nowhere. Then one night Linda, the daughter, woke up to find a large man towering over her bed. She could make out no facial features except his large grin.
                Scary stuff, this Grinning Man. But is he real? The stories are very similar it’s scary. If he is real, what is he? Is he an alien himself? Or is he here to clean up their mess? What do you think?

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  1. I think the first Grinning Man (the one on the turnpike) was Evil.... I'm not sure, something just feels wrong about what I've heard of him. The second grinning man, just from what I've heard, sounds similar to an Angelic encounter. The man who saw him said he was told telepatheclly "do not be afraid" which is common in Biblical angelic sightings, and he seems to be smiling out of pleasure, a kind smile... while the other seems to be malevolently grinning and lacks normal facial features (nose, hair, ears)... as for why they were there, I have not the foggiest idea...

  2. That's a good theory. The second does seem friendlier than the first. They probably are actually very unrelated creatures who have been connected by the public because they both smiled. Thanks for checking out my blog!