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Saturday, December 18

The Taos Hum

                In the town of Taos, New Mexico there is a phenomenon known as “The Hum”. The Hum is heard in many places all over the world, but here in America the Taos Hum is probably the most well-known. The Hum is described as being a low-frequency noise that sounds much like a distant diesel engine. Not everyone hears it. In fact, most people don’t. Of the few that do, most are men. Some find it annoying and teeth rattling while others can get along with it just fine. Sort of like that mosquito ringtone. I can hear it but it doesn’t bug me, while other people say it makes their ears hurt.
                There have been tons of possible explanations for the sound. Aliens, underground engines, magma, but what really could it be? Honestly, I think underground magma is one of the best possible answers. Perhaps the crust of the earth is thinner there. The hum could easily be associated with the noise of it moving deep, deep below. But that wouldn’t really explain why only some people could hear it and it’s impossible to record.
                 I did find a little bit of evidence from that supports the thinner crust theory.  On this map, the numbers are all in km. As you can see, the crust in the area of Taos is just on the border of the 30 km section. However, if this really had much to do with it, then we could expect every other town in the area to experience the same noise, which they don’t.
                If this town was near Roswell I might give a little credit to the alien theory, but it isn’t. It’s not near Roswell, Area 51, or any other sites that we could point at and say “Look, it’s in the same area!” So aliens are out.
                I’m going to discount the underground government facility for the same reason. It’s not near any other serious government facilities that I’m aware of, but at the same time it isn’t exactly remote in location.
                So what is it? I have no idea. Maybe somebody has a loud neon sign they aren’t aware of. Or maybe people just want to believe they hear it, so they do. Who knows? All I can say is that it will probably never be solved.
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Wikipedia (For location of Taos)
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