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Saturday, October 23

Blue Ghost of Parma

          Some of you probably remember this story from Parma, Ohio:
          Some people call it an angel. Some people say it looks like a plastic bag. One guy in the video says the gas station sits on an old Indian reservation (Indian reservation? Really? How many times have we heard that one before...). I say it looks like a bug...on the camera. In a couple places you see what looks like wings. I think they are indeed wings. I can't explain the color, as it does seems excessively blue, but perhaps the camera is run through some sort of blue filter?

          Anyways, I am more than satisfied with my answer. A bug sitting directly on the screen will appear blurred and can dance across the screen with either speed or slowness. It also has the capability to sit there for long periods of time, as this "Ghost" does. Here is a video of another "ghost" that I think 99% of you will agree shows a bug crawling across a camera: . So that's my two-cents on this "ghostly apparition". What's yours?

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