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Saturday, October 9

New Saturday Posts

          Starting next week I will try and post on Saturdays as well. My Saturday posts, however, will be shorter and not always be subjects on which people have an opinion. In many cases it may just be analysing an eyewitness account or a one-shot cryptid (those creatures you hear one story about, then they seem to disappear). There won't be polls for these topics, but you are still free to comment. These are more than anything just stories you probably haven't heard about, or maybe have and didn't think much of it, that you can talk about with your friends.
          While I'm thinking of it: I would very much like it if you guys would comment on any of my posts with suggestions for future topics. I'm always open to new ideas. I have a list of future topics, but if enough people want a specific one I will bump it up in position.

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