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Saturday, October 16

Island of the Dolls

                This is undoubtedly one of the creepiest stories I’ve ever heard. It combines two extremely creepy things: Dolls and Spirit/Demon Possession.  The story basically says that the island was inhabited by a child spirit who drowned whilst playing a game with her friends. She is offered tribute in the form of dolls. The one man who chose to live on the island, Julian Santana, would tie the dolls to trees and, basically, string them up. The images themselves are so morbid and disturbing it sends chills up your spine. Dolls are scary things anyways, but this is extreme. This place is now a tourist attraction. Of course it is supposedly still haunted (as if the rotting dolls weren’t scary enough on their own), and this child spirit will supposedly possess the dolls.

                People have claimed to hear the dolls whispering and/or follow their movements with their eyes or heads. Personally I’d like to visit this place…during the day preferably. Oh yeah, and Julian Santana, to top it off, was found dead (drowned) in the same place that little girl died many years before. The creepiness factor just multiplied itself by ten.

                Paranormal Investigation of the Island:
                Part 1:
                Part 2:
                Part 3: (Up to 3:37)
                (Watch those, especially Part 2)
                Note: I’m not a firm believer in EVPs or Orbs, but these are weird

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